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What is TPU?

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Why you need TPU

Recruiting is getting harder but necessary. The labor market is tight and younger generations are not funneling into the printing industry.


% of US Printing Industry above 55 years old:

Median Age in Print Industry

 Training has been hard, time consuming, and costly. Minimize the impact to your organization while increasing industry-specific knowledge with TPU.

Make the most of your current employees and future hires!


Average hours spent training employees in 2020

Average training spend per employee in 2020

Minutes managers spend training their employees per month!

Sources: American Society for Training and Development, Teamstage, US Bureau of Labor

Who needs TPU?

Industry OEMs and Vendors

Equipment Manufacturers and Industry Vendors


Use internally to train new hires and existing employees, particularly in high turnover areas like your sales force.

License externally as a value-add delivered to your customers.


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Industry OEMs and Vendors

Industry Associations


Bring more value to your members for one of their most challenging issues — training and employee onboarding.

Help them hire for attitude and train for industry-specific aptitude.



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Print Service Providers

Print Service Providers


Focus on the business of printing by hiring and retaining great employees.

The fact is we must recruit from outside of the industry and train them on the ins-and-outs of production printing. Make TPU your training platform from experienced industry veterans.


Course List

The complete library of courses is over 75 and growing every month!

Note: The individual monthly subscription through the Vimeo platform includes 19 of the core courses, listed below with an asterick, and can only be canceled at any time through your Vimeo account (see FAQ).

Introduction to Production Printing:

  • Brief History of Printing*
  • What is Production Printing?*
  • Analog vs. Digital Printing*
  • Print 101: Electrophotography*
  • Print 101: Offset Lithography*
  • Print 101: Inkjet*
  • Print 101: Gravure*
  • Print 101: Flexography*
  • Print 101: Screen Printing*
  • Industry Speak: Acronyms & Jargon*
  • Paper 101*

Introduction to Finishing:

  • The World of Finishing*
  • Embellishments
  • Folding
  • Trimming and Cutting*
  • Binding Methods*
  • Mailing
  • Converting
  • Finishing for Wide Format

Inside the Print Shop:

  • Inside a Print Service Provider (PSP)
  • Commercial Printers*
  • Operations of a Commercial Printer*
  • In-plant Printers
  • Direct Mail Printers
  • Transactional Printers
  • Publication Printers
  • Packaging Converters
  • Sign Shops

Selling Strategies for:

  • Commercial Printers*
  • In-plant Printers
  • Direct Mail Printers
  • Transactional Printers
  • Sign Shops
  • Franchise Printers

Print Workflow and Processes:

  • Primer: Software & Functions*
  • Primer: Key Workflow Processes*
  • Primer: Design Considerations
  • Job Onboarding
  • Estimating, Quoting, & Ticketing
  • Preparing Data
  • File preparation (Prepress)
  • Proofing and Approval
  • Digital Front Ends

Suggested Learning Tracks

Click below to download our suggested learning tracks based on type of printer and common roles within a print service provider.

How does TPU work?

Bring Your Own Site

Bring Your Own Site


For enterprises, OEMs, software vendors, and industry associations.

Use your own website, content management system (CMS), learning management system (LMS), or anything able to use embed codes. Saves time and cost while retaining full control over your learning profiles and paths.

TPU for enterprises is an annual content licensing subscription.

  • Tell us what site (domain) you are using.
  • Embed the video modules and transcripts.
  • Notify and promote to your users.

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The Print University Video On Demand

Video on demand training


For individual subscribers or print service providers with a few users. 

Features include:

  • A monthly subscription delivered over the Vimeo video platform.
  • Watch courses from any device.
  • 19 foundational courses specific to the production printing industry.
  • Average course length is around 20-minutes — a perfect length for the daily commute.

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